Tannoy Technical Manual & Enclosure Construction Guide

HPD 385A, HPD 315A & HPD 295A

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Front Cover Integrated Drive System Specifications 1
page03 page04 page05
Specifications 2 Suggested Construction Arden Equivalent
page06 page07 page08
Berkeley Equivalent Cheviot Equivalent Devon Equivalent
page09 page10 page11
Eaton Equivalent Sub Baffles Crossover Cutout
Note: Original document (TMC 76 35945) is printed in blue ink on dark cream paper. I made greyscale scans for ease of printing on monochrome laser printers etc. The back page gives Tannoy's address as Tannoy Products Ltd, High Fidelity Division, Canterbury Grove, London SE27 0PW, England with an old-style London telephone number.